About Us

We have over 20 years of experience in building, managing, analyzing, evaluating and implementing IT solutions and offering expert, consultative advice for business networks.

 Karar is an independent international IT network consulting company  providing Information technology solutions for businesses and other entities to enable them set up efficient and cost effective IT systems, manage those systems efficiently and ultimately meet their organizational goals. Our in-depth expertise and experience enable us to provide comprehensive advice on IT development and management.

Efficient IT systems are crucial to today’s organizations and our highly qualified and motivated team is able to provide vital support in key technology areas to allow organizations to perform even better and compete more successfully in the marketplace. At Karar, we employ an intimate approach to meeting customer needs. Our painstaking attention to detail also means that we are able to deliver precisely the results demanded by our customers. We employ a team of highly skilled, well qualified and motivated consultants. Our consultants hold excellent certifications from major vendors such as A+, Cisco, Juniper and Microsoft. This means that we have on hand a first-rate team of staff members available to help you meet and resolve IT challenges arising in your organization. Quality leadership, tailor made, practical solutions and exceptional support from our pool of competent consultants ensure that we deliver concrete, quantifiable benefits to our clients, resulting in overall organizational efficiency and ensuring a maximum return on investments. 

Our network consultants excel in our understanding of IT infrastructures and projects including all technical, financial and organizational aspects and are able to use this knowledge to provide practical solutions for our clients. Our organizational culture drives high customer and employee satisfaction and as a result, we are able to consistently deliver exceptional results for businesses and organizations.